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Air Ambulance Service for Your Company

For companies involved in high-risk ventures, such as mining or oil exploration, having an air ambulance service on retainer is a must. Location is another important consideration when you are evaluating your needs for an air ambulance. If your location is very remote or regular emergency personnel would have difficulty reaching you quickly, it becomes vital to have an air ambulance service on call. Getting medical attention quickly can mean the difference between life and death when serious illness or injury occurs.

While cost is certainly a factor when you are considering the services of an air ambulance, in the long run, it can save you money by lowering your insurance premiums and will also help you avoid costly lawsuits and insurance claims. And, it's hard to put a price on lives saved.

The quality of service that you receive from your regular emergency staff also plays a large role in whether or not you will contract with an air ambulance and you need to take this into consideration when you are evaluating your needs for an air ambulance. If the local emergency providers are often slow in reaching your location or otherwise do not meet the standards you have for medical emergency service than you should consider an air ambulance as an absolute requirement of doing business in that high risk location. When you do choose an air ambulance, you should speak with some of their past clients to ensure that you are getting the best quality service for you.

How To Choose an Air Ambulance Service
Once you've decided to retain an air ambulance service, three factors should dictate your choice: quality of service, standards, and safety record.

Quality of service
After you have an emergency is not the time to find out how well your air ambulance service performs. The best way to get insightful information about the quality of the services provided by any air ambulance company is to ask for references from previous and current clients. Don't hesitate to interview these clients to find out what kind of service they received and whether they would use this service again.

As is the case with any other business, standards and practices vary with different air ambulance companies. Choosing the best air ambulance service is far more important, however, than choosing a car-rental service. Therefore, the screening process should be very strict. The company you choose should have high standards in every area of their business.

Important questions you should ask are:Safety Record
Typically, most air ambulance services will have adequate safety records, but this is definitely something you should check into. An imperfect safety record may point to cases of less than reliable aircraft, under-qualified pilots and medical staff, and negligence. You should only book with an air ambulance company that is certified through the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services. This commission has lengthy standards that have to be met.

Since 1991 the management team of Global Air Rescue have dispatched over 7000 missions in over 150 countries on six continents. The safety and security of each and every flight is the number one priority of every employee of Global Air Rescue. All flight operations are performed by independently rated Air Carriers in strict accordance with FAR Part 121 and Part 135 Regulations or foreign equivalent.

Air Ambulance Service for Your Company Global Air Rescue.