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Air Ambulance Articles

Air Ambulance, the Flight of a Lifetime
By having an Air Ambulance Service available you will drastically increase your safety and security while decreasing the cost of your insurance premiums.
Air Ambulance Services: What is an Air Ambulance?
What is an air ambulance? No, an air ambulance isn't an ambulance that flies. It is simply a type of aircraft, which can be used to help people who are stuck in medically dangerous situations.
Air Ambulance A Fast Life-Saving Service
Where do you turn for help when you or a family member requires serious medical attention and the best care might be hundreds or even thousands of miles away?
Air Ambulance Service for Your Company
For companies involved in high-risk ventures, such as mining or oil exploration, having an air ambulance service on retainer is a must. Location is another important consideration when you are evaluating your needs for an air ambulance.