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Grenada - Point Salines Int'l Airport (GND/TGPY)

Air Ambulance Services Grenada

Global Air Rescue works directly with airports like Grenada - Point Salines Int'l Airport (GND/TGPY) to support your air ambulance needs. Together, Grenada - Point Salines Int'l Airport (GND/TGPY) and Global Air Rescue provide you with the following services: Emergency medical teams, medical equipment and ground transport. Our network of air ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art advanced cardiac life support systems. The experienced doctors and nurses in our network are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Flight Physiology. For air ambulance care, we supply highly qualified trauma experts ready to fly and transport you directly to or from Grenada - Point Salines Int'l Airport (GND/TGPY) on a moment's notice.

Address: Grenada Airport, Grenada, PO Box 385, Granada Airports Authority, St George's, GRENADA
Managing Director: Philippe Baril +1 473 444-4101

Grenada - Point Salines Int'l Airport (GND/TGPY)

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